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Restaurant Information

  • 【Breakfast】Japanese / Western food

    Start a delicious breakfast on the new morning.
    The facility serves delicious breakfast in Japanese and Western dishes every morning.
    Please choose the one you like and enjoy a relaxing and elegant breakfast.
    You will be asked to choose Japanese or Western food at check-in.
    • Breakfast example

      Japanese example

      Rice / Miso soup / Grilled fish (This changes daily) / Small bowl / Dashimaki tamago / Cold tofu / Nori / Raw egg / Vegetable pickles

      Western food example

      Bread/Bacon and eggs/Spaghetti/vegetable salad/fruit/Coffee
      650 yen(Tax included)
  • 【Dinner】Set meal etc.

    Enjoy the popular daily homemade home cooking.
    We will prepare it at the on-site restaurant.
    • An example of dinner

      Daily set meal

      Main dish,side dish,small bowl,delicacy,Rice,Soup,Pickled Vegetables

      Other set meals

      Yakiniku set meal / hamburger set meal, etc.
      Daily set meal 1,650 yen (tax included), etc.
  • Restaurant information

    【Opening Hours】
    Breakfast 6:30 to 9:30/Supper 18:00 to 21:00

    【Location】2nd floor

    【Seats】28 seats