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About Ube City

Ube City is well known for its industrial city overlooking the calm inland sea and is considered as a tourist spot these days.
Varous ways of transportation like the railway in Yamaguchi Ube Airport, the Bullet Train (Shinkansen), the JR Ube Line, Expressways, etc. can be found in Ube Kosan. Thus, vehicles are accessible almost everywhere. Moreover, recently, the educational facilities of Yamaguchi University, Ube Frontier College, Ube Technical College, Ube High School, Yamaguchi`s Tokyo University of Science were developed. It therefore developed as an educational city.
Shinkawa Business Hotel is located along the station of city district. It is a perfect place for tourist, business functions and other important events. Shinkawa Business Hotel has a very convenient facilities at a very affordable rates that everyone will enjoy.

Be sure to make your reservations at 「Shinkawa Business Hotel」.


Shinkawa Business Hotel was built at the Ube`s front door (main entrance)
of Ube Shinkawa Station making this a perfect accomodation for business travellers
and tourist alike.
 The rooms provide all travellers and business executives with a unique level of comfort and relaxation, top-notch accommodations, affordable rates and excellent customer service. It is also a perfect place for travellers, business conventions, group activities and other important events. We will make sure that everyone will be well satisfied.
All rooms have
internet connection
which can be used anytime.
・All rooms are equipped with LAN ports
・Printer installation
・Free CS japanese film
・Free CS adult film

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Businessmen will fully enjoy the comfort and convenience that we offer !  Travellers will definitely experience the warm spirit that we provide. SHINKAWA