【Official】Business Hotel SHINKAWA

As a base for tourism, business, and activists.

Especially for business people, there are many useful functions!
Of course, please use it for sightseeing!


  • 3 minutes walk from JR Ube-Shinkawa Station 10 minutes by car from Yamaguchi Ube Airport

    Entrance of Ube, Business Hotel SHINKAWA to be built before Ube-Shinkawa Station transport links,
    It is a relaxing hotel as a base for business hotels blessed with the environment.
    We are waiting for you with an ideal room that is functional but has a spacious atmosphere.
    Please use it for business or as a base for leisure activities such as golf and sightseeing.
    We are sure that you will be satisfied.
  • Internet is available in all rooms

    ・All LAN ports are available
    ・Printer installation
    ・CS Japanese Movies Free Broadcast
    ・CS adult free broadcast
  • Ube City

    Ube City is known as an industrial city and tourist city facing the calm Seto Inland Sea.

    There are a variety of companies that have, including the Ube Kosan, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, the Shinkansen, JR Sanyo Line, such as the substantial railway and highways, such as JR Ube Line, it does not inconvenience is to access.

    In recent years, the Ube Frontier University, Ube National College of Technology, Ube High School, and Yamaguchi Tokyo Science University has been enhanced, and the color as an educational city is increasing.

    "Business Hotel SHINKAWA" can be used for business and sightseeing,
    A highly convenient business hotel located in the city center in front of the station.
    Please feel free to use it as a cheap hotel.

    For business hotel reservations, go to "Business Hotel SHINKAWA".

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Business Hotel SHINKAWA


1-5-4 Uemachi, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

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3 minutes walk from Ube-Shinkawa Station
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